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Eyelash Extensions

Starting $145.00

Eyelash Extensions

Approx 1 1/2, 2 hours 

Classic Extensions $145.00

 Hybrid Extensions$170.00

Volume Extensions $200.00

Mega Volume Extensions $275.00

     Classic Eyelash Extensions are semi permanent extensions, do not need mascara and are water proof.

  • These are custom to enhance your unique eyeshape. 

  • Each individual natural lash is isolated and an extension is carefully dipped in glue and placed on the natural lash.

  • Offering a wide variety of sizes, many looks are achievable as in; natural, cat eye, doll eye & wispy. Each set is tailored to your liking.

  • Lash extensions follow your natural lash cycle. Fills are needed to maintain the custom extensions  every 2/3 weeks.

  • Lashes have a unique shedding period in which you may see eyelashes shed. This is normal. 


Volume Eyelash Extensions are a semi permanent extension much like classic extensions, volume differs in the following ways:


  •  To execute the 'volume' fuller look. I hand make fans of 3/5 thin extensions carefully dipped in glue and isolated onto the natural lash, creating a fuller lash appearance. 

  • This method is ideal for anyone who is looking for a dramatic lash and or has sparse lashes. 

  • Volume lashes can be made to look natural, glam or dramatic.


*A full consultation is performed before each lash service. A gift bag is given full of informational aftercare and tools to help retention of your lashes. We sell a lash cleanser that is formulated specifically for eyelash extensions highly recommended.

Classic Extensions Fill

Approx 45m/1h

1week fill; $35.00

2 week fill; $50.00

3 week fill; $60.00

Volume Extension Fill

Approx 45m/1h

1 week fill; $55.00

2 week fill; $70.00

3 week fill; $80.00

Mega Volume Extension Fill 

Approx 1 hour

1 week fill; $75.00

2 week fill; $80.00

3 week fill; $95.00

After 4 weeks, a full set is applied.

You must have 50% of your eyelash extensions remaining on for all fill appointments. If this is not the case, a full set will be charged.

** I do not typically work on other lash artists work (if you are my client, seeing another lash tech in-between lash fills is not accepted). If you have previous lash extensions on your lashes, I understand emergencies happen. If you are in need of a fill the top pricing is subject to change;

Classic Fill $75.00

Volume Fill $95.00

Mega Volume Fill $120.00

Please review Cancelations and Policies 

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