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Policies and Cancellations

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

Any and all bookings need to be made through our booking site. You must make sure you receive a confirmation appointment reminder. If you do not receive one your appointment was not confirmed please email or call the salon; 5189172165

Arrive on time to your appointments. If you arrive 8 or more minutes after your appointment time starts you will be asked to reschedule and pay a cancelation fee. Please be considerate of other clients scheduled appointments and arrived on time for your appointment may be shortened, incurring the full-service charge

Please arrive to your lash appointments fills in full sets with no makeup on your natural lashes your extensions or your eyelids this means no mascara eyeliner or eyeshadow there is a $20 charge if removal of makeup is needed. 

If you have been rough on your lashes in between fills and have lost more than normal, additional time may be needed at an ADDITIONAL COST you must have 50% of your extensions on when you come in for a refill appointment,

**If you have less than 50% of your extensions on it is at your lash artists' discretion whether you will need a fill or full set. Please contact us prior to your appointment if this is the case, to allow adjustment of time.

** In emergency situations I make some exceptions to taking clients form other lash techs, if the lashes are correctly applied and I can work around the current set, I am happy to do so, please check pricing here. IF THEY ARE NOT APPLIED CORRECTLY, they will need to be removed and a full set is to be applied. 

*A minimum 24 BUSINESS hours' notice must be given to reschedule or cancel appointments. Not showing for your scheduled appointment or not giving 24 hours notice will result in a cancellation fee of 100% of the service charge. 

First time waxing clients please be sure to NOT shave for 2, 2  1/2 weeks. This ensures that the hair is long enough to be waxed, about the size of a grain of rice: example:  ____

A $50.00 non refundable booking fee is required to book Microblading or Ombre brow service. 

*This perfecting touch up is $100.00 within 6/8 weeks. Canceling and/or rescheduling after 8 weeks of service date penalties $150.00 touch up fee (yearly touch up fee pricing)

**If additional touch ups are needed; examples not limited to rescheduling, due to failure of the consent form and/or failure of aftercare touchup pricing within 12 months.

If you are needing to reschedule your first initial Microblading/Ombre appointment I allow for 1 reschedule given a one week advance notice.

2nd rescheduled appointment penalties full price before booking. 

Needing more time to think about you appointment is totally fine. Please be sure and ready before paying the retainer and/or booking your Microblading appointment.

Pricing Policy 

A all prices are subject to change. All product purchases are final; no exchange or refunds.

Confirmation/Text Emails

As a courtesy, our booking APP will text/email to remind you of your appointment. You will get several alerts to keep you informed so you don't forget you're scheduled appointment. This also helps in case you need to reschedule. Please understand that is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and cancellation fees.

Policies & Cancellations: About Us
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