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Our Course

Classic Eyelash Extensions Class;

3 day module, hands on, 60 page student hand book, full kit 


We will strategically teach you all of the techniques you need to be successful at eyelash extensions


The key to a happy client is understanding their expectations, we will guide you through that process.

Set Up

Having the proper tools is essential. Our kit give you the tools you need to slay your eyelash extension full sets. Plus tips on our fave products.

Extensions Types

There are many types of extensions, we will teach you when, why and how each style is appropriate. 

Health and Safety

Sanitation is top top priority. Feel confident leaving this course with the proper safety protocols.


Your at home care is as important as the tech teaching them and preparing them for success. We teach you the best way to educate your clients. Clean lashes are happy lashes.

Why Beauty on 9?

We strive on education and understanding the WHY. We are truly focused on client lash health and proper retention. Trouble shooting- we take the guess work out of it. Our 3 day course supplies knowledge for full sets, fills and removals. Your kit prepares you for numerous full sets. Truly hands on and a great coaching, mentorship program.
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