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Eyebrow Microblading

Monday Microblading Appointments Now Available 

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Microblading is semi permanent. A hand tool is used to carefully blade strokes of hair in a pattern to make your brow appear fuller. It is a two step process requiring two sessions. The first session is done, then 6 weeks later a second session is done. A month following your second session you will have completely healed brows.

This service last 1-3 years before a touchup is needed (touchups are needed to boost the color and shape of the brows) Based on your aftercare, your lifestyle, skin tight, hormones or medications you may take. Microblading is not for everyone, a consultation is necessary. Microblading is best for Dry skin clients.

Ombré Powder Brow

Ombre Powder Brow is a technique that uses a small hand held machine to place extremely thin dots of pigment into the skin. Creating a pixelated/shaded soft powdery look. This style is perfect for any skin type: dry, combo or oily. Wether you have sparse (barely there) brows, lots of hair but are seeking more fullness or even zero hair and missing arches. The color, shape and size is 100% customizable to each individual client. You may also customize the density of the gradience: meaning how light or dark you would like your brows to be. This service lasts 1/4 years, touch ups are recommended to boost the color as fading will occur over the years.

The first touchup is important. 

In addition to the benefit of having a chance to tweak the shape, color or density of the original work, the perfecting session has other important purposes. There are many factors which can affect pigment retention, making it hard to predict how well the pigment will hold after your first treatment.

These factors are:

  • Skin Type

  • How well after care instructions are followed 

  • Exposure to sun, water, or skin care products during the healing period

  • Certain medications or health conditions 

  • Full list of restrictions and contraindications Click Here


A $50.00 non refundable retainer isrequired to book your first session. 

*This perfecting touch up is $100.00 within 6-8 weeks. Canceling and/or rescheduling after 8 weeks of service date penalties $150.00 touch up fee (yearly touch up fee pricing)

**If additional touch ups are needed; examples not limited to rescheduling, due to failure of the consent form and/or failure of aftercare touchup pricing as follows:


Within less than 12 months; $150.00

Within 1-2 years; $250.00

Within 2-3 years; $350.00

Full Price after 3 years.

Pricing subject to change at any time

For your convenience I can email you a consult form and a $50.00 booking is to be paid, paid prior to booking the Microblade appointment. (Consult not necessary)

*** If you have or have had Tattooing on the eyebrow; Full laser or saline removal is necessary prior to microblading consultation. If there is scar tissue present microblading cannot be performed. 

*** If you have received botox; there is a 3 week minimum waiting period. 

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